ZAM CONSTRUCTION & REALTY is a family conceptualized business which started their humble real estate service to a close set of people who engaged their aid in consortium with TMC Construction, also a family associate business. Moreover, with the management’s high competence on the aspect of construction and wide array of experiences attuned to engineering services, they are now able and competent to develop diverse projects and provide real estate related services. These include residential, industrial, institutional, commercial and open plots or site development. With the great ideals of the company to provide quality services to its client, they facilitate the smooth and easy transaction on financial institution for financing.

Among the most significant facets of the company’s policy are systematic planning, time-efficient and cost-saving construction methodology, safe working conditions, and healthy working relationship to adhere high quality structures and services with utmost client’s satisfaction. ZAM CONSTRUCTION & REALTY did not only build to construct your dreams, but we build excellence and integrity!


Fineness in construction workmanship may be associated to a free pattern made out of linking the builder’s efforts with the constraints of time, cost and quality.  Take out any one of the elements mentioned and you will end up with something that would need rectification.  At the construction site, rectification work has always been the cause of delay and over expenditures. 

In the pursuit of excellence, the brilliance of engineers is eminently essential.  It is common construction knowledge that from start to finish, the engineer will never be out of the realm of responsibility.  The outgrowth of our effort is nothing but a part of us, be it mastery or failure.  ZAM CONSTRUCTION & REALTY upholds the role of the engineer, from the lead men down to his subordinates.  

It has always been the objective of the company to be able to deliver a product molded by workmanship par excellence. 


The Management of ZAM CONSTRUCTION & REALTY deems the preservation of the health and safety of its staff and employees, the general public, as well as the protection of the environment to be of supreme significance.

Therefore, it is our fundamental responsibility to facilitate all viable means to prevent the occurrence of accidents and situations that may cause imminent danger. To carry out this course of action, the company has employed the active support of all staff and employees in mitigating and eliminating unsafe conditions and acts. 


ZAM CONSTRUCTION & REALTY is dedicated in obtaining and accomplishing structures, yielding quality projects and services, and ensuring safety through all the process while achieving a reasonable return on investment.  We are compelled to instill the best on our people and clients ensuring their safety, security and welfare to attain no harm and no damages.


ZAM CONSTRUCTION & REALTY is committed to be the nation’s market leader in construction industry and to be recognized globally; to be the employer of choice by people who seek career growth and great challenges; to be recognized as the fundamental company that consistently complies with the highest industrial hygiene standards and to be socially responsible organization to the communities and environment.

Core Values


Truthfulness is the substance of our relationships.  By being true and transparent, we understand the concept of trustworthiness.  We are ethical in our ways and dealings, a trait being valued by our clients.


We care for the people we work with, our customers, our suppliers and our associates.  We show kindness and compassion to our people by ensuring their safety and help them achieve their goals.  We protect the planet we live in by complying with all the environmental laws and regulations of the land.


We exceed our customer’s expectations with our patience, hard work and self-discipline.  We are keen on project details, a major requirement in the industry we chose to operate. 


We are fair in our dealings.  We respect our associates’ rights to fair labor practices.  We show objectivity and impartiality in resolving conflicts.


We work as a team.  Teamwork is what drives the organization to achieve its goals.  We empower our associates through collaborative projects.  As partners, our associates enjoy the fruits of their labors for every project milestone.

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